August 10, 2013


Sunday, August 4. 2013

Quiet, Catch-up Day

I resolved to get a lot done, and I did. I got resolved to get it all done later in the week.

Monday, August 5

Genealogy is worse than facebook

I don't spend much time on Face Book, because it is such a sticky proposition. You get onto it to see what is going on, and there is so much there that the next time you look at the clock, a couple of hours have gotten away from you. Kind of like a pretty little pond, with the clouds and trees reflecting on the still water, so you take off your clothes and jump in. Then a lot of people you know gather around, and you don't dare come out because they will see that you are skinny dipping.

 The Genealogy business is quite a bit like that.

Family tree Dottie and I made a trip to North Carolina last August to see if we could pin down whether or not my G6Grandfather, Jasper Hardison, came to North Carolina from Kittery, Maine. He is, it is suspected, from the same family as the Stephen Hardison who lived in Kittery at the right time, but as hardly anyone could read or write at that time, there is not much in the way of written records to help us out.

We looked at the few records there are, which are still kept by the County recorders offices in Columbia, Plymouth and Williamston, NC, but we didn't really find much that was new.

I did find all kinds of historical write-ups about the Hardison family, and about life in North Carolina in the early 1700s, which was very interesting, but not really an answer to my question, "Where did Jasper Hardison come from?" Altogether I brought home several books containing information on the Hardison family, and a lot of photographs of pages of original wills, deeds, etc. All of this stuff needs to be organized, and gone over thoroughly for clues, but it is an onerous job, and I have been putting it off.

Last week, I got out my files, and started the organization. So much of this genealogy stuff was several years ago, and I forgot where I put things, and how what I already "knew" was organized.

So, this isn't a progress report, it is a report that I got started, and will, hopefully, have some progress to report in the next week or so.

Tuesday, August 6

STeve Creighton Birthday

Today is Steve Creighton's birthday. Steve Sr., that is. Steve's late wife was Dolores' niece, Rose Marie (Wachdorf), who was also the sister of Barbara Brown and Marge Burrell.

Steve lives in Ohio with his daughter, Merry (Creighton) Schmitz.

Happy Birthday, Steve.

News from John and Judy

Judy (Wachdorf) Korynasz sent an E-mail with news about about her family.

Judy *Wachdorf) KorynaszThe Wisconsin clan of Diane Wachdorf, Stacy, Scott, Brian, and Sarah LaRonge along with their foster daughter will be here to visit August 11th. We are so looking forward to their visit. Koke's bladder surgery will be Aug. 9th and we are hoping he will be doing okay for the visit.

 We have finally powerwashed and put a coat of stain on our covered deck on the back of our house. It hadn't been done in 9 years and it needed it. We have hired a young man we know who is out of work at present to do some much needed work, the deck being part of that work. It looks great - a black/green color which kind of blends in to the yard. Next on the list is painting the shutters, trim, garage door and front door. The house is white vinyl sided with blue shutters and trim. The shutters have badly faded in the almost ten years we have lived here. Didn't think vinyl was supposed to fade, but  these sure did. The white paint on the garage door was peeling in places so it needed repainting. Mark has completed scraping and painting the garage door (white) with the garage and house trim and shutters now a black/green like the deck. The front door will be a curry (very dark mustard yellow) color. I am soooo happy with the new look of the house and am looking forward to the door being painted and the project completion. Amazing what a little paint can do.


Gabriel ReId Birthday

Gabriel Reid, Pinewood Derby winnerJudy went on to remind me that today is the  9th birthday of her oldest grandson, Gabriel Reid. I had to join her in saying, "He can't be nine already," but if she says so, it must be true.

This reminded me that I am using an old calendar on which Dolores carefully marked the birthdays of all of our relatives, but as it is an old calendar, it doesn't have nine-year olds on it. So, I had better start making additions to it. I think I have one of her newer calendars in Florida.

Happy Birthday, Gabriel. Oh, and Gabriel's father, Bill Reid, has the same birthday, but as he isn't little and cute...short shrift to him!

Progress (or lack thereof) on Genealogy

I got a flying start on the material I brought back from North Carolina last fall. The first part went faster than I though it would, and I got a lot of the material organized. First of all, I have a list of books, some of which were acquired during the trip, which reference the Hardison Family in one way Hardison coat of armsor another. There is a list of books which I acquired in North Carolina, and those which I already had pertaining to the family. Then there were many, many pages of a couple of books which are out of print, but which were available in the Tyrell county library in Columbia. NC.

 Columbia is about 70 miles from where Jasper set up his homestead around 1720, but it was then part of Tyrell County. Later, both Washington county and Martin County were split off from Tyrell County, so all of the recent transactions recorded after the split are in those county seats. However, the old records stayed with the recorder  for Tyrell County. Columbia also had a good library with a large Genealogy section, and a librarian named Hardison. She said they had a whole section devoted to Jasper.

Roanoak River from Jasper's HomesteadOne such book was "The Hardison and Related Families", for which we found a copy in the Columbia, NC library. However, the book was out of print, and I took close to 100 photos of the pertinent pages with my iPhone. I found that the iPhone pictures are quite readable by eye, but the Optical Character Recognition programs are not so good about translating them without lots of mistakes, so I have put the pertinent parts of the book together as photos, copied to a Word document.

This is pretty time consuming, and doesn't accomplish very much. I will let you know when, and if, I have any interesting conclusions.

Wednesday, August 7

Elizabeth Marie Schmitz Birthday

Elizabeth is the daughter of Merry Rose (Creighton) and Mike Schmitz, and the granddaughter of Steve Creighton, whose birthday was yesterday. She is Dolores' great grand niece.

The Schmitz family lives in Waterville, Ohio.


Golfed with the UOP group

Larry Stein, who was my boss at UOP 60 years ago, didn't golf with uGolfers today, as he just had heart valve replacement surgery a few weeks ago, but he did have dinner with the golfing group at Tony Spavone's ristorante afterward.

We had twelve golfers, and Larry and Fran joining us for dinner made 14 people all together.

We had a nice day for golfing, and it was very pleasant all around. Dottie beat me by the usual margin and was doing very well with drives, approach shots and putting. I played my usual game, which involves hitting a very good shot once in a while.


Thursday, August 8

George Hardison news

I Called George Hardison to talk about visiting him and Lee at their place in Woodhaven Lakes.


George says his pancreatic cancer was completely cleared up, but  on a subsequent checkup they found evidence of some of the cancer still active in his esophagus . So he is now going daily for radiation treatments, and expects to do so for the next three weeks or so.


He is feeling good, except he seems to feel tired all the time,


He and Lee have been going out to Woodhaven Lakes on weekends, but he has to be at home in Chicago to go for his daily radiation treatments. He says they go fast, and he is in and out of the clinic in 20 minutes. He thinks the staff is top-notch, but will be glad to be done with it.


They often see Paul and Diana and William and Aidan on weekends, as they also have a place on Woodhaven Lake.

We agreed that Dottie and I will drive out to Woodhaven on Saturday, August 24 and spend the middle part of the day with George and Lee.

Brad and Liz visitBrad and Liz

Dottie's son in law, Brad Woodham, is taking part in the Triathlon in Milwaukee over the next few days, and has a break in the competitions this afternoon. He and his lady friend Liz opted to make the drive down to visit.

Brad is participating in the Milwaukee Triathlon, which starts on Saturday morning. USA Triathlon hosts national championship events each year, giving athletes from ages 7 to 80+ the opportunity to be named aSwim course national champion in one of the multisport disciplines. National championship events can also qualify athletes for Team USA, a contingent of age-groupers that represent the U.S. in world championships. Brad is pretty close to tops in his age group, and has been training hard for this event.

Tomorrow they will do some practice swimming, etc, and the real race, consisting of a 10K run, a 40K bike ride and a 1500m swim, will start on Saturday morning.

Brad has his hands full these days, with his new dental practice opening up in a month, getting squared away with house problems (Dottie's old house on the Palmetto Pine golf course), finalizing divorce proceedings, and sharing the rearing of Connor and Devon. I only vaguely remember what responsibility feels like.

Dottie had met Liz previously, but I hadn't. She is a physical therapist who works in one of the local hospitals and finds her work very stimulating. She seems like a nice lady, and is going to try her hand at competitive running and biking on Captiva Island soon.

Social calendar filling up rapidly

After a pretty quiet summer, with no travel plans to speak of, Dottie and I suddenly have a few days of intense social activity.Calendar

My sister, Ida, and her husband Bill Van Beek are in South Holland visiting with Bill's Sister who just had some surgery and is convalescing. She called to see when would be a good time to visit us, and we decided on Friday afternoon.

Dottie and I will be playing golf with Fred Nearing and Roger Maurice in the morning, but we will be done having lunch with them by about 1:30 PM, so Ida and Bill said they would be at our house around 3:00 PM, which will give us time for a relatively short visit before they have to head back to South Holland, a good two hour drive from here.

Saturday is the Nine and Dine at Biltmore.

This is going to just about exhaust our combined social activity capacity for the week.

Friday, August 9

Golfing in the morning

Dottie and I golfed with Fred Nearing and Roger Maurice this morning. Fred only did nine holes, because he had workmen coming in to make some modifications to his landscaping and wanted to be there to supervise. Golfer

Roger, who is 87 years old, shamed Dottie and me by eschewing his usual golf cart ride, and walking the course (with a caddy) which he says he will start doing for exercise from now on.

I started out playing pretty well, and actually beat Dottie on the back nine, which we played first. The situation reverted to normal on the front nine, which is considerably easier and I got a much higher score than she did.

Ida and Bill Van Beek visit

Ida and Bill made the long drive up from South Holland this afternoon, and got to our house around 3:00 PM. They will be staying another day or two with Bill's sister before heading back to Woodland Park, CO. Bill's sister is recovering well from her surgery, which Ida and Bill and meturned out not to be as extensive as they expected. She had a bile duct obstruction which could be cleared up macroscopically.

Ida brought with her a ton of photos she and Bill would be happy to turn over to a later generation who might have more room for them than they have. I have a stack of pictures which all of my kids are welcome to go through and see if they want any of them.

We all went to dinner at Biltmore, and met Fred Nearing, who golfs with Dottie and me, and we all had dinner together.

We are invited to visit the Van Beeks while they are in Colorado and the weather is nice. They will be leaving for their winter home in Happy Trails, outside of Scottsdale, AZ fairly early in the fall.

School starts early in florida

Devon and Connor Feather


Dottie's daughter, Denise, posted (on Face Book) photos of her son Connor ready for his first day in 6th grade and daughter, Devon's, first day in 3rd grade. they will be going to Oasis Charter Elementary School in Cape Coral.


Saturday, August 10

Richard Van BeekRichard Van Beek Birthday

Today is the birthday of my nephew Richard. He is the son of my sister, Ida, and her husband, Bill Van Beek. Richard is married to Holly, and they have William Tyler.

Happy birthday, Richard.

Nine and Dine at Biltmore

The Nine and Dine social events at Biltmore come roughly twice a month, but the time is flying by so fast that it seems that it was just day before yesterday when we played in the last one.

We were dead last in the first of these events we played in, but got a very nice consolation prize. Biltmore rain damageTo our surprise, we won the second one, by virtue of peculiarities in the handicapping system. Last time we were in the exact middle of the field. So, based on past performance, I haven't a clue as to how this match will come out.

Incidentally, Biltmore has not recovered completely from the effects of the storm damage during our record rainfall during the night of June 25. Two of the greens were completely wiped out, and are still being rebuilt from scratch. They are currently being replaced by two tiny temporary greens, which differ from all the others on the course by being relatively flat and easy to putt on.