Build the Southern Wall

One of President Trumps promises during the election campaign was that he would see that a wall was built along the southern border of the US to help prevent immigrants and contraband substances from entering the country illegally. He further said that he would have Mexico pay for the wall.

I am a Trump supporter, but don't think that building a complete wall along the Mexican/US border is necessarily worthwhile. Getting Mexico to pay for it would be quite an accomplishment. However, I have proposed to him a way of getting the wall financed which ought to satisfy everyone who is concerned about it, one way or the other, and get Mexico off the hook for future attempts to extort money from them to pay for it.

The concept is very simple. Have someone set up a 501(c)3 tax exempt non-profit organization for the purpose of collecting funds from individual donors for the construction of the wall. Thus any of the millions of people who are very strongly in favor of he construction would be asked to contribute to the fund with the strength of their desire to see it done determining the amount of their contribution. If his core supporters, or say 50 million of them, each contribute $20, it will amount to a billion dollars, which ought to get a good start on the wall. It will give the donors a feeling of satisfaction that they contributed, and it will do no harm to those who think the wall is unnecessary.

The president wouldn't  even have to write an executive order. All  he needs to do is let people know that it is happening, and he approves of it. I have registered the URL and I am sure there are other potential websites available. I would even be willing to get the web site set up and running without charge to the government. Back in May, I proposed this to  Mr. Trump via his website suggestion box, adding to the comments above that this might have a beneficial effect reaching far beyond the Wall issue. To date there has been no response at all.

 This thought wasn't original with me, as a TV commentator mentioned in passing that people could make direct contributions to the government for specific purposes. I assumed that there would be a website where I could go to make a contribution, and looked for it, so I could make a contribution but there was none.

There are may very partisan issues dividing the country right now, which could most easily be settled by eliminating direct subsidies by the government for things which large numbers of people favor, but nearly equally large numbers oppose. Instead of the federal government fund planned parenthood, for example, allow a not for profit organization approved by the government solicit funds for direct support of the organization, so that the people who favor continued financial support fund it by direct personal contributions, and those who oppose it are under no obligation to contribute. Thus the strong supporters could make big contributions, and those who do not support it make none. I can think of many important US budget items which have such mixed feelings, including things like Financial aid to Israel and other foreign countries, space exploration, federal support of private colleges.