Sunday, December 11, 2011

Bob Hart Birthday

Bob Hart is married to Diana (Wachdorf) Hart, the daughter of the late Charlotte and Jerry Wachdorf. The Harts live in Laporte, Indiana and have five children, Ryan. Tracie , Andrew, Matthew and Whitney.  Tracie is working as a Nurse now.

Happy Birthday, Bob!


Dean and Merry Creighton Birthdays

Dean Creighton is the elder brother of Merry Rose, by four years. He is married to Cheryl Lynn, and they have three children, Andrew, Zachariah and Abigail.

Merry Rose Schmitz is the daughter of Steve Creighton and Rose Marie (Wachdorf) Creighton. She is married to Michael Schmitz, and they have daughters Stephanie Rose and Elizabeth Marie.

Happy Birthday, Dean and Merry Rose!

Janet out of business because of iPhone

Usually, when I finish up drafting the newsletter on Saturday, mid-day, I sent Janet a text saying that the draft is done, and she can proof read and correct it when she
is ready. Usually, Janet replies in a few minutes, saying she will get right on it, or that she is busy doing something else and will look at it at 5:00 PM, so some such time.

Yesterday circa noon-time, she sent me a text message saying her iPhone 4-s was acting up again, and telling her she didn't have a sim card. However, she sent the message from her iPhone, so I assumed it was working again.  That was the last I heard from her. When Dottie and I got home from dinner (see below), there was still no word from Janet, and, of course, I couldn't call her if her cell phone wasn't working. So, with appropriate disclaimers abut the grammar, spelling and factual matter content, I went ahead and sent it out.

Free Dinner at Rum Runner's

Dottie's daughter, Denise, gave Dottie a gift card for Rum Runner's Restaurant on her birthday or some special occasion. Dottie suggested we use it up, and tonight was a good night to do so.

We hadn't really planned ahead, or we might have asked friends to join us. It was a pleasant evening, with the temperature hovering around 70 degrees, and the sun setting just as we got there around 6:00 PM. We had a reservation on the deck, outside the restaurant proper, but not down on the waterfront level, with a very nice view of the water and the inlet from the Caloosahatchee.

We had a nice dinner, and a split a good desert --- a baklava with a side dish of cinnamon gelato. And were pleasantly surprised when our $50 gift card turned out to be a $100 gift card. So, we will have to go back again!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Nothing Day

Dottie played golf this morning, and I worked on year end financial things, without making much progress.

Some days just aren't worth talking about.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Strange Things Keep Happening

But once in a while, one of them gets corrected.

I looked back on last year's newsletters to see if was missing anything which happens annually, and came across the mystery which was never solved, as to why my computer would lock up any time I typed the name of the bank where  Mike Sexton had recently started to work (last year). This was the a bank that Wells Fargo had recently taken over. The bank name had been DELETED.

Every time I tried to type DELETED NAME into the computer it hung up. Told me I was out of memory!

I tried putting a photo of the DELETED NAME bank into the computer, and that hung it up too. I concluded that one of the mischievous programmers who work for Microsoft had built that little glitch into the Front Page Program to get even with the bank for some real or imagined mistreatment in the past.

I just want to report that the problem persisted for a long time, but it is now gone. I, and I presume everyone else, is free to type DELETED NAME, DELETED NAME, DELETED NAME...!

I Take it all Back

It now lets me type in the forbidden name, and offers no problem at all, until I try to upload it to the web site. Now it doesn't hang the computer up, it just won't let me upload anything to the website. Apparently, the disgruntled programmer was caught doing his thing, and promised to fix the glitch. He replaced it with a similar, but slightly different glitch.

I deleted the name of the bank in three different places, and it still would not save my work. I went back and found a fourth place and deleted that one, and got the same problem. So, I finally found the fifth time I had used the forbidden name, and everything went like clockwork.

Mike, you were probably wise to disassociate yourself from the bank that must forever remain anonymous, at least as far as this newsletter is concerned.

Day for the Oral surgeon

I went in this morning and had a molar extracted, and got two implants installed; one where the molar was, and the other in the space next to it, which used to be covered by a bridge between the molar and an eye tooth, which broke off some time ago.

The dental implant process is not particularly pleasant, but it could be worse. I can't help comparing the implant process to planting an acorn and then waiting for the oak tree to develop. Only the implant process seems slower.

I now have three things that look very much like Ackerman Johnson anchors you put into masonry walls to hold shelves and pictures and the like. they are very evenly spaced and parallel, and I told the oral surgeon that he would have made a very good carpenter.

Anyway I am happy that stage is over with, and it will be a couple of months before actual teeth get put in there. I wasn't much fun for the rest of the day. I was able to take Dottie to Oliver Garden for Spaghetti for dinner, which was about the only thing I could manage to eat. (Copy editing note: I left Oliver Garden on purpose. It's a famous gruel restaurant, which is good for people with sore teeth who won't be asking for more.)

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Jill Korynasz-Reid Birthday

Jill, Gabriel and ChristianToday is Jill Korynasz's birthday. Jill is the daughter of John and Judy (Wachdorf) Korynasz, and as the only child of John and Judy, she has kept her maiden name while married to Bill Reid.

They live in Hillsboro, OR, and I hope to get back out to the west coast this winter sometime, and have a chance to visit the Reids's again.

The photo of Jill, from Last year's FaceBook, shows her holding Gabriel and Christian.

Happy Birthday, Jill.

Good day/Bad Day

This was scheduled to be a busy but productive day.

I had two home improvement appointments, and time to catch up on a lot of pre-Christmas chores. Everything went well up until about 4:30 PM.

Things started out very well this morning, and I was getting a lot of odds and ends done while the two workmen were doing the heavy lifting.

Plumber comes and goes

The plumber came early this morning, and installed a replacement toilet in the front guest bedroom, where the old one has been a frequent maintenance problem and cost me a bunch in leaking water recently. The Plumber's name is Bill Franzese of Franzese plumbing, which is just a coincidental match to the Franzese family in Barrington who do our pluming up there.

Cable man comes and Stays

Then the installer room Century Link (which used to be Embarq) came to change me over from Comcast cable TV to their competitive Prism Cable.  things kind of went down hill from there. The Century Link people told me there would be essentially no wiring done in my house, as they already were furnishing Internet service and had the necessary wiring into my house. From their modem, it would be possible to connect all the other TV sets via wireless networking.

Not really so, said, Tom, the installer. He called mid morning to ask if he could start his 1:00 PM appointment right away. I was there and the plumber was just leaving so I agreed, and he came out about 10:30. To make a long story a little shorter, he just left at about 9:00 PM. He rewired the whole house with updated TV cable of the relatively conventional co-axial type, and I didn't see any hint of fiberglass which is supposed to be their big selling point.

But most things work. He was not able to get my Linksys Router to work with his Internet modem. so I am stuck with changing things over to Century Link's Lan, or figuring out myself how to get his modem to run my router. Problems for a different day.

Knee Trouble

But things really took a turn for the worst about 3:30 or 4:00 PM, when I started out to put some letters in the mail box.

My left knee has been slightly sore for a week or so. It tends to be sore in the morning when I get up, and sometimes when I sit for a long time, but the pain has gone away after I walk on it a little, and it hasn't really caused me much discomfort. Until the proposed trip to the mail box. My left leg simply didn't want to function at all. When I put any weight on it at all, the pain was really bad. I made it from my desk to the door of the office, and was afraid I wouldn't be able to get to a place to sit down before it collapsed complexly.

All of a sudden, I understood how Dolores felt for a long time. I just couldn't move around on my own at all.

Dottie and I had a date to go out to dinner and then to the Ft. Myers Repertory Theater with Bob Burbee and Jenny Easterday and some others. I had to tell Dottie I didn't think I could make it, but she should go anyway.

She didn't. she came over to see how I was first hand. She brought me some dinner, and waited on me hand and, literally, foot.  She called  her daughter Jenny, who worked in physical therapy for an orthopedist (and, of course, Dottie's father was an orthopedic surgeon). Jenny said it sounded like I had a torn meniscus, except that usually results from an accident of some sort, and I haven't had anything like that. Or, it sounds like arthritis, except that it came on all of a sudden. I was doing fine this morning, and can't walk this evening.

Jenny is going to try to make an appointment for tomorrow afternoon with the orthopedist for whom she worked for eight years , to get my knee x-rayed. Dottie is hosting a party tomorrow morning. After she brought me dinner and made sure I was OK for a while, she went back home to get her house in shape for her party tomorrow, and then came back to watch over me through the night.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Lisa Sexton's Birthday

Today is Lisa (Burrell) Sexton's birthday. Lisa is the daughter of Dolores' niece, Marge (Wachdorf) Burrell, so Lisa is my grand niece in law (or GNIL, for short).

Happy Birthday, Lisa. Hope the good news continues,

Good news and bad news

Jenny did, in fact, get me in to see the orthopedic surgeon she worked for, and got me the appointment for 10:10 AM. Dottie was expecting her party guests about that time, but I told her I thought I could make it in to the doctor's office considering, and with the use of a light weight lanai bar stool for support, I could get around by myself.

To make the story as brief as possible, the orthopedic surgeon looked at the x-rays of my knees (front, side and top view) and did a little prodding and poking, and said I had arthritis. Not the rheumatoid kind but simple, old age osteo arthritis. I complained that it came on suddenly, and he said it really didn't. I was just fortunate not to have any symptoms earlier.

He says it is not an advanced case, in spite of the severe pain, and a shot of cortisone is all he recommends right now. He thinks this will make it tolerable for several months, and "then we will see."

The shot wasn't particularly painful, and my knee felt better right away. I could walk home almost normally. That is not the doing of the cortisone, he says, but rather the pain killer that goes in with the injection. He says the pain killer will wear off in a few hours, and the cortisone will not be effective for two to three days.

So, the good news is, I do not have any joint damage that needs to be surgically repaired, at least not right away. There is no reason why Dottie and I should not go on the Hawaii trip right after Christmas, and the Caribbean cruise with the people from Palmetto Pine in early February.

The bad news is that I am, apparently, getting older, and such things happen. I was pretty well convinced that the getting old business was for other people.

Nine 'N Dine cancelled

Dottie has her card ladies meeting on Thursday nights, but brought me  some dinner before she went to her card session this evening. It turned out that instead of having dinner at the home of one of the ladies, they had their Christmas party out at a new restaurant, which Dottie thought was very good.

Our date to play golf in the Nine 'N dine is probably out, though, unless the cortisone works a lot faster on me than it does on most people.

It was darned inconvenient of me to come down with something disabling in this very busy period right before Christmas. But, I flatter my self as thinking I have the wisdom to tell the difference between the things I can change and cannot change.

Handicapped contraptions just in case

Although I was encouraged by the orthopedic surgeon saying I had no cause for alarm about my condition, and that I would probably be feeling much better in a couple of days, I went out and bought some insurance anyway.

I got one of those walker things, and a cane, and put them in the closet. I felt pretty miserable yesterday when I couldn't walk around, and needed someone to assist me.

I hope I wasted the money on the walker.

Friday, December 16,2011

Miracle Cure?

Much to my surprise, I spent a fairly comfortable night, without being bothered much by the bum knee at all.

This morning, I was able to walk, almost like nothing had happened. In fact, my knee felt so good I told Dottie not to cancel our date for playing golf in the Nine 'N Dine this afternoon at 3:00 PM. I figured that the worst that could happen is that I would have a relapse, and have to spend part or all of the time sitting in the golf cart, instead of playing.

But, as the day wore on, my knee acted like there had been no episode on Wednesday or debilitation on Thursday. It seemed like a perfectly normal day, except for having gotten behind in a lot of chores because of first the oral surgeon on Tuesday, and then the mobility problem on Wednesday and Thursday.

But, nothing to complain about. My brief experience made me really appreciate how handy it is to be able to walk around without noticing you are doing it, and how fortunate I have been that my episode was the first incident, and not simply one more in a series that had been going on for years.

Landscaping completed

Curb Appeal Landscapers finished installing new plantings all around the house today, and got everything cleaned up and the debris hauled away.

The yard came out looking pretty nice, although it will look better when some of the plantings get a little larger. It is, apparently, customary to plant small plants and wait for them to get bigger, rather than put in big ones and cut them down to fit.

After all the agreed upon work was done, a few areas that had looked OK before now look kind of shoddy by comparison, so Chris Gambino, the young landscaper, is going to bring out some more crushed rock, etc., to spruce up the foundation areas.

Travel Plans rearranged

Dottie and I are going to Hawaii on December 30, flying direct from O'Hare to Honolulu. But, our return trip doesn't make it all the way back to Ft. Myers in a single flight. We are scheduled to leave Kona on the evening of January 12, and arrive in Los Angeles at 5:30 AM on the morning of January 13.

Our original plans called for departing almost immediately on a flight to Chicago, remain there over night a couple of nights, and return to Cape Coral on January 16. However, the second trip to Chicago in two weeks seemed rather redundant, and the possibility of visiting with Larry Wachdorf, George and Jeannie Nestojko and Denny Wachdorf in the LA area sounded attractive.

So, I checked with Larry last week, and finagled and invitation to stay at his house for a couple of days. Dottie and I will fly into LAX as planned on January 12, and depart for Ft, Myers by way of Dallas on January 17. That should give us a couple of days to catch up with the west coast Wachdorfs, do a little sight seeing in LA, and remove one more place from the short list of areas Dottie has never visited.

Nine 'N Dine Done!

I felt pretty good all day, and went with Dottie to Palmetto Pine to play in the Nine 'N Dine golf event at 3:00 PM today. Dottie and I were assigned to play in a foursome with Joe Coleman, with whom I play golf in the Mafia occasionally, and Mary Burns. Both of them are pretty good golfers.

We played in a modified Shamble format with some kinks in it.Dottie at Palmetto Pine

To make a long story short, I had no knee trouble at all, and had a very good time. Neither Dottie nor I played quite as good as normal for us, but we managed to score a lot of points anyway. Our foursome came in 12 under par, with Dottie and I scoring more than half them.

We managed to win fifth prize, with about 16 foursomes competing.

After the golfing, wine and cheese were served at the pro shop, and there were games and socializing. The Pro Shop was having a sale on everything at half their usual fairly high prices, and Dottie found a pair of golf shoes she needed. We had a good dinner afterward.

This rounded out a far better day than I expected to have. Apparently, I respond to cortisone faster than most of Dr. Monseratte's patients.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Karl and Lindsay

Karl Brown's Birthday

Karl Brown's birthday is today, December 17. 

Karl is the son of Barbara (Wachdorf) and Bill Brown. He was married to Lindsay Hoovey  on June 13, 2009. He is  a grand nephew of Dolores.

Happy Birthday, Karl!

Brief Knee Report

All continues to be quiet regarding knee problems. It is as though it never happened. The only thing that seems decidedly different is my appreciation for the ability to walk around by myself.

Sorry for spending so much time on this subject.



Christmas Party Tonight

Tonight is the annual Christmas Party at Palmetto Pine. I think they have it early because so many people leave the area around Christmas to go "home" to wherever it is they came from, to spend the holidays with their families.

Dottie and I will be having dinner there, and dancing, and generally celebrating for the first of many times this Christmas season.