Saturday Evening, July 14, 2012

Nine and Dine at Biltmore

Dottie and I were looking forward to playing in the Nine and Dine at Biltmore, scheduled for this afternoon and evening. However, the weather report for the day looked pretty unpromising, with thunderstorms and badly needed rain forecast for the afternoon.

We got some rain and thunder and lightning in the morning, Golferbut not enough to do our parched lawn much good. But, in the afternoon it cleared a bit, and the Pro Shop was undecided about playing in the afternoon until 3:00 PM, when they finally decided it would be dry enough.

So, Dottie and I went over at 3:30, ready to join the group. However, it turned out that we weren't signed up to play, and they had an even 10 foursomes. I don't know whether I was mistaken about calling and being told we were signed up, or the pro shop simply left us off the list. However, Doug, the Pro, said we were welcome to play as a twosome, starting on the back nine. We could join the other golfers for dinner afterward.

As we were heading for the tenth tee, Doug cameNine and Dine group at dinner after us to tell us that there had been a couple of cancellations and one other couple that showed up without being signed up, so we were on for playing with them in the regular Nine and Dine lineup.

So, we played with Bill and Kathy Howes, who live on the course, in the house closest to the new beach house and pool. Nice people, pretty good golfers, have traveled a lot to places Dottie and I Bill and Kathy Howeshave gone recently. We had a good time. Dottie and I didn't do so well golfing, and the score keeping regime was complicated. The first three holes were played with the husband and wife as a two person scramble team. The next  involved two men and the two women forming teams and for the last three  the husband and the other wife together as a team.

The weather was very nearly perfect, with sunny skies, and enough of a breeze to keep it from being too hot.

Fortunately, Bill and Kathy did pretty well, Dottie contributed pretty often, and I did rarely. We came in about the middle of the pack, although I have no idea how they put the scores together for the four person team.

We had cocktails on the patio, and a buffet dinner which was served inside, but all of us ate on the patio, and watched the sun set. It was a nice evening.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Susan and Dan, Jimmy and Cali

SSusanusan invited Dottie and me to come to their house for Brats, gazpacho and jalapeno poppers, featuring vegetables from the Black's back yard. However, they wanted Janet to come too, and she didn't feel up to the long automobile ride, so they packed up their lunch and brought it to our house.

And a good lunch it was.

Dan BlackDan has been home for a while, after a lot of traveling. His next journey is to Pittsburgh, which isn't as difficult a place to get to as China. He is, he says, going to teach  a short course in Bejing, and plans to take the family for a two week or so vacation.

Jimmy and CaliJanet came and brought items of interest for the kids, as she usually does. One of them is a small, telephone sized device which makes all sorts of sound effects, including some rude ones, at the press of a button. The kids loved it. Also, there was a blue and white monster toy which produced odd sounds and flashing lights, but where there were many buttons and knobs, and it was part of the puzzle to figure out how to turn it on and off.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Hot, hot, hot

Dottie and I are considering going back to Florida to cool off. The temperatures up here are getting hotter than Florida on a regular basis.

Hot WeatherOur thermometer got up to 97 today, and it wasn't too unpleasant, going out to get the newspaper, and driving in our air conditioned car to an air conditioned restaurant, but we were not about to spend much time outside.

The hot weather is forecast to break on Tuesday night and Wednesday morning, when a cold front is supposed to bring some rain storms. We are, as usual, scheduled to play golf with the UOP group on Wednesday afternoon, and looking forward to it, but would not feel too bad if we got some of the badly needed rain instead.

Kelsey Roadhouse still a good place to eat

Kelsey Road HouseDottie and I braved the heat to go out for dinner. We were headed for the Wild Onion on Pepper Road, but it was closed, apparently because it is Monday, so we went to the nearby Kelsey Roadhouse.

This is a landmark of sorts, and, as the sign says, it has been there for 41 years, built the year after our family moved to Barrington. It used to be a relatively small hole in the wall, serving Pizza and sandwiches, but it has progressed into a  pretty good, pretty informal, eating place.

I had some very good walleyed pike. Worth going out for.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Not much happened today; Brunch, Shopping, Message Envy,

Wednesday, July 18. 2012

Karen and Ray Anniversary

Karen and Ray Anniversary
Today is Karen (Wachdorf) and Ray Zarembski's wedding anniversary.

Last year, I missed the date, but got the photos of their celebration afterward, and here they are again, with another anniversary already.

Congratulations again, Karen and Ray!

Golfed with UOP people

Golfed pretty much all day with UOP group, and had dinner at Tony Spavone's afterward.

It was a pretty hot, humid day, and while the golfing is fun, we were all pretty happy that it didn't continue much longer. Several of the ladies complained that they should have brought a change of underwear, as they didn't like going out to dinner afterward in sweat soaked garments.

Maryjane Lengemann, one of the more experienced golfers, did bring a complete change of clothing. Golfer

Bob Lengemann, who is usually the one who takes care of making the arrangements for the golfing, and sets up the parings, is not going to be there next Wednesday, so he asked me to pinch hit for him. He gave me absolute authority and control over the game, in his stead. This is the first thing I have had absolute control over in a long time.

Unfortunately, there are only six people who have signed up to play, and the weather forecast is for another scorcher of a day, with the temperature closing in on 100 degrees. If we have only one or two dropouts, the group will be so small that we will probably cancel the event. So much for my total control.

We had a nice dinner at Tony Spavone's Restaurant after the game, where it was very nice and cool.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

It rained!

It actually rained a couple on inches (not millimeters, Rain Cloudsinches!) today, We Chicagoan's were getting prepared to start emulating the Okies, who fled the dustbowl in the 1930s, when the rainfall pattern must have been similar to what we have been experiencing.

Two inches of rain isn't a whole lot, but it does prove that it can still rain here.

Transport arranged for  long trip

Dottie and I are scheduled to go on a trip to Jerusalem and Jordan in November with the Grace Presbyterian church group led by pastor Tim Halverson. It sounds like an interesting trip, to an area I have never seen, and one which will continue my history lessons.

The main drawback of this trip, and travel in general these days, is getting there. Israel turns out to be a lot farther away than most places, and the flights both there and back take all night.

Last trip, we were on Air France, and they didn't have very comfortable seats, so I spent a lot of time today trying to arrange, via air line miles and the like, getting better seats. It didn't take as long as the flights will, but it was close. I did the best I could with this.

Fmy to Tel AvivGoing to Tel Aviv from Fort Myers involves flying first to Newark Airport, and changing planes for Tel Aviv. The flight times are 2.5 hours going, a 2 hour layover in Newark, and 10.5 hours en route to Tel Aviv. Coming back is much longer, with 12.5 hours to Newark, 2.7 hours layover and 3 hours to Fort Myers. Over 18 hours travel time.

I noted that we have to fly north past the latitude of FMY-Newark-Tel AvivTel Aviv to get to Newark, and then back south again, so  looks like it is almost as far from Newark to Tel Aviv as it is from Fort Myers to Tel Aviv.  But, I forgot about the great circle route distance. Surprisingly, Newark is almost on the way from Florida to Tel Aviv.

iPhones replaced

Janet, Dottie and I made the long-postponed trek over to the Verizon Wireless store in Lake Zurich to trade in Janet's and my ATT iPhones for new Verizon phones.

I have been upset with ATT for a long time, becauseiPhoe 4S I didn't want to subscribe to their service in the first place, but had to in order to buy an iPhone when they first came out. They further irked me by charging an arm and a leg for data service when you  went out of the country, even if if you didn't actually use the service. ATT sent messages every 20 minutes during the night to make sure your software was up to date. You could subscribe to a cheaper version for $25 per month additional, but you had to sign up for 12 months and extend your onerous contract with ATT for an additional 12 months.

Verizon logoAnd, when I wanted to add Dottie to our ATT family plan, they wouldn't do so without changing her telephone number, or Janet's, and neither lady wanted a new phone number. Verizon, on the other hand, had no problem with this, and they have a $25 overseas data package you can take for one month.

So, we made the switch. This involved buying new phones for me and Janet, but when we traded in our old ones, we got more for them than the new ones cost, so they gave us money back, and reduced our monthly bill to boot.

I am pleased with the arrangement, but Janet says I will probably wind up having as many complaints against Verizon in a year as I have against ATT now. She has a way of being right about things like this.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Golf with Fred Nearing

Dottie and I played golf with Fred Nearing this morning, and it was much more pleasant than the hot, humid game with the UOP people on Wednesday.

However, it was not without problems. Neither Dottie nor I played very well. In addition, my knee was acfting up a bit, and early in the game, Dottie somehow overstressed one of the little muscles in her left forearm, and it got worse as the game progressed. Along about the 12th hole, it was hurting bad enough that she skipped the next few holes, hoping it would get better with a little rest. It didn't, so I was fairly amenable to calling it a day after the 16th hole.

We went in and had a very pleasant lunch with Fred.

More Verizon

I was pleased with how well our session with Verizon went yesterday, where we traded in our ATT cell phones for Verizon's version of the same phones. During our session yesterday with Jonathan, a nice young salesman for Verizon, he halfway Verizon home phonetalked me into converting our land line phones from ATT to Verizon also. This promised a lower rate, a single bill, and total freedom from dealing with ATT in the Future. So, today I went back and signed up for Verizon's residential phone system.

This allows us to keep our same home phone number, but does away with the need for the land line to he house. It sounded like a good deal, and when I went back, I took in several old, unused iPhones which Verizon will take in trade (Where ATT would not.) Got a $320 credit toward our future phone bills.

There is a rat in the woodpile, though.

I brought the Verizon receiver box which works like a cell phone which you plug into an electric outlet, and it receives the land line signal and send it to a house phone through telephone wires. Jonathan set it up and gave it to me turned on and running, so all I had to do was plug it into an electric outlet when I got home. Sure enough, I could make calls immediately over the house phones, using the Verizon box. But, I had to call Verizon and "Activate" the phone. I did, and the the activation  service said it was activated. However, I couldn't receive any calls on it.

The instructions say to leave you old phone plugged into the wall until the transition from ATT to Verizon is complete, and this may take days. However, my land line connection doesn't seem to work at all any more. So, we can call out, but not in at this moment.

My cell number is 224-406-2468, if anyone needs to talk to us in the next couple of days, and I can't find out what is wrong with our old land line.

Mike and Lisa Sexton Exaltation

Mike SextonMike and Lisa are involved in putting on and promoting a fund raising talent show called Exalt! 2012. The event is going to be held on September 23 in the Halton Theater in Ft. Mill, SC. The organization sponsoring the event is Motivation Ministries

Here is a notice of he event that Mike posted on his web page today. You can get the whole story by going on Facebook and going to Mike's page.

Mike Sexton Talent show

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Wednesday golf canceled


Sure enough, when I run something, it gets run right or not at all. In the case of golfing at Timber Trails on Wednesday, for which I was placed in absolute charge of the group by Bob Lengemann, we only had six people signed up to play to begin with. Sure enough, three of the six have cancelled, leaving only Dottie and me and Larry Stine.


Bob says Larry never plays when the temperature is over 90, and Dottie isn't showing much enthusiasm for a repeat of the Supreme rulersweltering game last Wednesday, so it looks like my brief role as supreme ruler of the UOP golf league is over before it started.


We won't play with the UOP people again until August 15, after our trip to the wine country.


Boat Dock repaired


Chris Gambino has been doing the dock repair for me in Cape Coral, and he reports that he is finished.  He has replaced all of the deck boards, and used stainless steel screws to attach them to the stringers, rather than carbon steel nails.


Hopefully, these will hold up during the next episode of high water in the Caloosahatchee.


All I need to do now is get the electrician to go out and restore power to the dock, Grady right after Charlie

after which I can get the boat back square on the boat lift, instead of hanging off to one side.

I got this photo out of my files, and thought it was a picture of the damage from Hurricane Charlie some years ago, but it is the damage due to Debbie.