How to deal with Kim Jongh UM

The US stalemate with the North Korean nation is not likely to be solved by diplomatic means as both parties have a single, non-negotiable position. North Korea intends to be a world class nuclear power, and the US intends to make them surrender this position. Both sides are showing steadfast adherence to their conflicting positions. Domination of one country over the other, or a complete change in government by one side or the other seems to be the likely outcome.

War between two nuclear powers has never occurred before, and the outcome of such a war is likely to be very bad, even though is appears to be inevitable.

The question before all of us is, "can we find an alternative? a positive course of action, which might lead to a resolution favorable to us, without a precarious war with North Korea? It seems like we are in the position of a group of ordinary people who want to be left alone, but who have in the midst of us a huge pile of lethal weapons with a man with whom we cannot communicate sitting on top of the pile, threatening to use the weapons against us at some time in the near future. He appears to be well protected by his army of people who seem dedicated to the realization of his ambitions to cow the remainder of the world. Still, his removal from authority, and the destruction of the nuclear missal capability are our ultimate objectives.

I would suggest that we try an experiment with a different kind of warfare, using as little lethal force as possible, while protecting ourselves to the maximum extent possible, and concentrating on achieving the desired ends, and only the desired ends with as little damage to people or property as possible. This might be possible if done carefully and swiftly.

1. Prepare to invade North Korea with massive force having maximum defensive armor,  like thousands of tanks This may take some time to assemble.

2 With this strike force prepared, and without warning, use a series of high level, possibly unmanned aircraft equipped with either small nuclear or large conventional explosive  high altitude EMT devices to bring about essentially total electrical equipment failure in most of the strategic locations in North Korea, disabling their communications, transportation systems and any weapons which depend on electrical or electronic devices for operation. It would be best to have the Chinese government aware of this as a possible strategem, without knowledge of any decision to invoke it.

The North Korean  guns would still work, but the communications needed to direct them should not. There may be some casualties as a result of the loss of electric power generation facilities to the EMT in hospitals for example, but this would be far less likely to cause massive fatalities than an all-out war.

3. Immediately on confirmation that the North Korean communications are down, A massive invasion force should immediately enter North Korea via a carefully planned route, announcing loudly in Korean  that there is no intention to harm any North Korean except in self defense. The invasion force should drive directly for the capital and attempt to locate and capture Kim. There should be no need to kill anyone who does not fire upon the US invasion force with their ordinary firearms. Nor is there any justification for killing Kim Jongh Um. Better he should be brought back to South Korea and simply imprisoned. If Kim and possibly his generals can be captured, there is no need for the US or their allies to remain in North Korea, unless there is urgent humanitarian aid needed, and this can probably be furnished better by civilian organizations than by the armed services.

This operation should be conducted very much like Hitler's Blitz Krieg (Lightning War) aimed at accomplishing its mission in a few days, but with the objective of removing the threat of nuclear war by North Korea, not of seizing their land or controlling their government. All of the missals located should be destroyed, and their nuclear arsenal ferreted out and destroyed. Anyone defending these articles of war should be captured, if possible, or driven out of the area containing the weapons. Again, the objective should be to minimize bloodshed on both sides of the conflict, and damage as little property as possible. China should be fully aware of our intentions, and our support of any efforts they make to avoid an inrush of refugees from North Korea, and instead cooperate with us in providing as much humanitarian aid to North Korea as possible during their period of recovery from loss of their government. Rapid withdrawal of the invading force should be a primary objective. After withdrawal of the Military, the US should communicate as soon as possible the intention to assist North Korea to restore services as quickly as possible, and follow through by assisting with expertise or equipment to facilitate return to normalcy in North Korea. The Chinese should be invited to help with this, or not, at their option.